19 May 2016

Quitting Caffeine or Coffee: 4 Best Ways to Cope with Coffee Withdrawal Symptom

So it's not happening. Tried to keep everyone update on my April Slim Down Challenge, mmmh... actually posting about it is more about to keep myself accountable with the weight loss challenge, but my bad I just can't keep consistent with blogging schedule. I'm still trying though to become more productive next time.

Detox and Weight Loss: Best Ways to Cope with Coffee Withdrawal symptom

I only lose 2 kg as a result of April Slim Down Challenge. 2 kg lost is not something to be proud about, because you know...2 kg? You'll no doubt gain it back as soon as you resume to your normal eating habit. Even so, I can't say that I have failed it altogether. During this weight loss challenge I've learnt to change my relationship with food. I no longer want to turn to food for emotional fulfillment, but eating because I'm physically hungry. Only one thing that seem to disturb me was the withdrawal symptom I experienced when I tried to quit 3-in-1 coffee. Coffee withdrawal symptom is no joke. The first few days I had dizziness and headache. I felt sluggish and tired, and lack of motivation...and oh maybe that would explain about this blog slow updates.  :P

4 best ways to coping with coffee withdrawal symptom

1. Staying well hydrated
Drink plenty of water during the withdrawal process will help replenish and rehydrate your body, and ward off feelings of dizziness,

2. Get plenty of rest
When you quit caffeine, it's common to feel tired but not a normal tiredness. You may sit up straight but still can't keep your eyes open. Get extra sleep to combat fatigue and grogginess.

3. . Eat healthy
Eat plenty of fresh veges and fruits to provide your body with the nutrition it needs. Healthy diet deliver natural energy and promote a more positive frame of mind.

4. Get moving
Honestly I won’t feel like exercising, but I've found exercise help minimize caffeine withdrawal symptoms and actually make me feel better.

I heard some people take pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen to help ease headache associated with withdrawal but I prefer to go natural.

Have you ever try to quit coffee or caffeine? How do you endure the whole symptoms of caffeine withdrawal? Share them in the comments below.

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