20 November 2015

Fitspiration Friday: Sandy's 70 lbs Weight Loss Story

My bad. I totally forgot about this weight loss story and it has been fermenting in my draft for weeks. This week's Fitspiration Friday is featuring the adorable Sandy Montanez. Be ready to be inspired as you read how she successfully went from 236 lbs to 186 lbs.

What made you decide to lose weight?
I decided to lose weight when noticed my size 16 was fitting a bit snug. I hated the person looking back at me in the refection of the mirror.

What challenges you face in losing weight?
I am a very impatient person. I like instant gratification. So having the patience day after day in order to see results was the worst.

What changes you made to lose weight?
I brought a Fitbit, joined MFP calorie counting site, downloaded the app on my cell and brought walking videos to do at home.

How long does it take to see your weight loss result?
I started Jan 5, 2015 and even though the scale number was going down I began to visually see results in May 2015. By July 2015 I had lost 50 lbs. I would still like to lose about 40 more lbs.

How has your life changed after losing weight?
I feel great, I get asked out on dates more. I can shop in normal people stores. I no longer have to struggle to walk up stairs, or to find clothes to wear. I love the person I see in the mirror.

How do you maintain your weight loss?
I continue to calorie count and log everything I put in my mouth. Even when I go out with friends and have a drink or two. I log it.

Your best weight loss tips
1 - Take it one day at a time
2 - Don't think of it as diet but more a weight loss journey
3 - One bad meal, or one bad day will not ruin what you have already accomplished
4 - If you mess up today, tomorrow is a new day
5 - Take it one meal at a time.

Share to us your diet plan.
It's all about eating less calories than you burn. Calories In vs Calories Out. As long as you create a caloric deficit, whether thru eating less or burning more calories thru working out, you will lose the weight.
  • Breakfast: egg white omelet with jimmy dean turkey sausages, peppers and onions 
  • Lunch: Whole wheat thin bread slices with healthy choice turkey breast,lettuce and lactose free cheese and a fruit. 
  • Dinner: 6 oz of a protein with veggies, and a sweet potato or yam. 
  • AM/mid day/PM snacks: peanut butter with apple slices, pure protein shake, yogurt 
Your workouts plan?
I do work out videos at home. Like Zumba, Turbofire, Walking to lose etc.

Do you have a success story to share? Tell us about your weight loss success stories and inspire others to fight obesity. Your weight loss achievement is really something to be proud of!

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  1. So inspirational, I've lost a total of 12 pounds so far on my weightloss journey, it's hard but I'm trying. I started out a 343 now I'm 331 and try to go to the gym as much as I can. Thanks for sharing

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  4. Hello,
    Its really an amazing story regarding Weight Loss...Very influential article...I loved it...Thank you too much.......


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