27 October 2014

Fitspiration Friday: No Surgery! Adry Unlocking the Secret of Her 150 Lbs Weight Loss

Inspiration time! Seems that I'm a little late again getting Fitspiration Friday post out. Well, I get asked few times by you readers to share my own story but the truth is... I'm not a success story yet. I am not at goal yet, I still have a long way to go. But wait, I am a work in progress. To quote Winston Churchill who said "success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

I conditionally give myself permission to succeed in all that I do. 
Weight loss success story: Adry lost 150 pounds without surgery!

For now let's get inspired by Adriana Isabel. I get to know her through her Instagram account @adry_bella and she is such a lovely inspiring person for millions of people struggling with overweight and obesity.

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She lost an incredible 150 lbs – that's 68 kg –  in 2 years time, isn't that awesome? And her success in conquering bad habits, getting out from her comfort zone to reach weight loss success have influenced her followers positively.

Talk about her wake up call to lose weight, it's began due to health issues. Adry stands 5'2 tall and was almost 300 lbs when she began her weight loss journey. Her feet were swelling and her heart was over working causing her blood pressure to rise giving her constant headaches. "My legs were swelling, my lower back was always killing me, I suffered daily headaches, and was always tired and out of energy. Being in the medical field I knew that the swelling in my legs and feet was so not a good sign," she said in one of her Instagram post.

Kick starting weight loss is a real challenge. If you are looking to kick things up a notch in the weight-loss department, here's Adry's top 3 tips!

1. Jan.2012 started walking 1 mile 3-4 times a day. 
Then became a runner. "If you want to lose weight, cardio is the best answer. Whether it's on the elliptical, gazelle, treadmill, stationary bike, or riding a bike. It all works."

By the end of that year and though the year 2013 she was running and added P90X workouts.

2. End of 2013 and through the beginning months of 2014 she was at her ultimate goal weight.
She said, "I wanted to tone my skin and found the courage to start BEACHBODY'S INSANITY. Somedays, when the DVD didn't seem hard enough, I would also run a few miles to burn some extra calories. It was definitely the hardest challenge I've had to push myself thorough, but I did it! I cried on my last day, never in my dreams did I ever imagine that I, Adry, the once obese-very slow-I hate anything that requires physical activity-girl would ever have the stamina to complete the program."

3.  Monitor what you eat.
Focus on complex carbs rather than simple carbs. Drink LOTS OF WATER, leave the sugary drinks, and no snacking on chips or cookies. Eat grilled/baked rather than fried, have 3 small meals, and 3 healthy snacks everyday. Keeps your metabolism working and you lose more calories.

Weight loss motivation. I believe some people struggle to lose any weight and others struggle with weight loss motivation or approach. What advice can she give to others struggling to lose weight?
A synonym for motivation is the word "reason". So what is my reason for working out, for eating healthy, for day after day avoiding the temptation of consuming the yummy sugary high carb foods I love? My motive | my reason | my motivation is simple. "Health/Happiness."
I will take being healthy/happy any day VS giving into a minute of pleasure.

IMAGINE you walk into a room. You look in front of you and there's a cookie . It's your favorite kind. You know you shouldn't, but it's freshly baked and it smells divine️. You grab it and devour it in less than a minute! To burn off that 150 calorie cookie you would have to run on the treadmill for at least 15-20 min. That doesn't seem so worth it, does it?

To be back to that girl that would satisfy her EVERY SINGLE CRAVING, but was obese, sad, depressed, and had low self esteem...OR...to be the girl that resists temptations, that eats healthy, takes care of the only body she's got and limits (NOT COMPLETELY CUTS OFF OR RESTRICTS) the sweets and high carb goodies...well, I'll take the healthy girl ANYDAY.

I question my motives/motivation on a daily basis.

I have to constantly remind myself why I'm doing this, the struggle is still within me. I still have cravings just like every single one of you, but I learned to train my body and my mind. It took time and practice. I still lose to temptations once in a while, but the fact that I don't let that urge take a hold of me is because I have fight inside. I will not go back! That fear---the fear of being Adry 3 years ago---is what keeps me on my toes. The sadness I left behind is my REASON to continue what I've done this far.
Excess skin. After significant weight loss, many individuals are concerned about excess skin in the abdomen and other areas. Excess skin is a common problem after weight loss. I saw Adry address about this in a reply to one of her followers on Facebook. She said, "All bodies are different. I can't sit here and tell you that your body will turn out like mine. A lot of factors take effect in a persons results. Age, height, genetics, body type, how long it takes you to lose the weight, what exercises you do/did to lose the weight."

Negativity. She also took a swipe at 'haters' who have questioned her amazing weight loss transformation. In one of her Instagram posts, Adry explained that she did not do any surgery or pills. All done natural.
Weight loss success story: Adry lost 150 pounds without surgery!

"I'm so fed up with comments saying how I SIMPLY MUST have had surgery or else where did all the excess skin go? Assumptions of such nature are normal, I suppose, but the main reason why my profile remains UNPRIVATE is because I am 100% honest about my journey. I have videos showing my stomach, endless posts talking and displaying my excess bits."

"I have never resulted to surgery, and if I ever do in the future you better believe that it will be shared with you ALL. There is no secret to my weight loss. I have shared my transformation since day one."

"I started with walking and incorporated small at home workouts. Crunches, push ups, side kicks, sit-ups. Eventually increasing the number of sets as the months went by. As I shredded the weight I also grew my stamina and resistance to the point where I began running for a short period of time, then walking for a short period of time and repeat. Little did I know that by month 7 I was running straight for 2 miles!!! I added P90x, then finished the INSANITY CHALLENGE. ️ It wasn't until early this year (2014) that I ever joined a gym."

"What my body has been through shows in the mirror and stares back at me every day. I am not ashamed, I take every stretch mark, every pound, every ounce of saggy skin as a trophy. I'd much rather be here than where I started! And until you don't personally struggle and go through what I've been through, sadly, you will never understand. I'm humbled by those who support me either way. And to those that just criticize, please don't waste your time with your unnecessary comments that will just get ignored."

Weight loss success story: Adry lost 150 pounds without surgery!

Adry's weight loss journey is so relatable. It is really inspiring to know that she went through this and managed to keep her willpower. She is a living proof that achieving weight loss goals is possible with dedication and support.
"We love to see success stories here, it gives a lot of hope to others. It hurt so much, every night I fell asleep thinking the same though 'I wish I was thin. Why can't I lose weight?' I cried myself to sleep plenty of nights. I never thought I'd be here, I thought I'd always be big, unhappy, depressed, unhealthy. It's due to all the weightloss shows, the commercials, the advertisements of all these magic slimming products--it's because of all that junk that we get confused and lost in what should be a journey of self discovery. They promise you things and show "success stories" to pull people in. I remember watching and asking myself if those stories were real. I chose not to believe, and instead, tried my own approach. Lowered my calories and ate healthier, started walking and eventually became a runner. My journey is not a SUCCESS STORY..it's MY STORY. The only thing I've succeeded on so far is at becoming a healthier person."

- Adry speaks about the 'I can't lose weight' syndrome.  

All pictures are copyright to Adry. If you need a daily boost of motivation, do follow Adry on her Instagram @adry_bella. Her post will motivates you to get up off the couch and lace up your shoes.

Do you have a success story that you would like to share with the Her Weight Loss Diary community? If you'd like to share a story, contact us. Can't wait to hear your story! 

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  2. that's great, to feel better, be healthy, and feel good about yourself. I'm not at the weight I once was, but I prefer to eat real food and strength train, I've gotten into super shape and have tons of power and endurance. Feeling healthy is so important. Happy Saturday Sharefest http://dinoheromommy.com/

  3. "I will take being healthy/happy any day VS giving into a minute of pleasure." Is probably one of the best pieces of advise I've heard in a while. Something that needs to be a constant reminder for anyone, not just someone wanting to loose weight. (Stopping by from SITS Girls Sharefest.)


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